It's Scholarship Season at Highland

With the spring semester beginning, many students may find themselves preoccupied with homework assignments, adjusting to new teachers and schedules, or counting down the days until spring break. What many students often forget to think about this early in the semester is how they will pay for their education in the fall. Fortunately, scholarship applications are due April 1st so there is still plenty of time to turn completed scholarship applications in. 

Whether majoring in agriculture or political science, math or music, or even engineering or education, students have the opportunity to apply for scholarships specific to them. Many areas of study have a number of scholarships up for grabs. Scholarship applications are available online or in Building H in the lobby next to the cafeteria. When applying online, a questionnaire is available to narrow down the scholarships applicable to each individual.


Nathan Lott, a freshman, decided to fill out scholarships for the upcoming fall semester this year.

“I filled out the questionnaire and that directed me to which scholarships were applicable to me. I still had to sift through those results because I still did not meet some of the qualifications but it gave me a good starting point.”

Both part-time and full-time students have the opportunity to apply for scholarships as well. Students have very good odds of winning some cash to pay for their education. When one puts into consideration that approximately 75% of students receive at least one scholarship and that completing a scholarship only requires students to allot a small portion of their day to fill one out, students would be hard-pressed to find a reason not to fill at least one scholarship out.    

Halle Fransen, a sophomore, applied for scholarships both her freshman and sophomore years at Highland. Despite her softball scholarship which covers tuition costs, she still chose to apply for additional scholarships to help with other costs.

“I would definitely recommend that other students fill out all of the scholarships that they are eligible for because getting even one scholarship is better than getting nothing.”

Because of the generosity of numerous donors, more than $300,000 is being given away this year to current and incoming Highland students. Most scholarships award $500 to the winners. While $500 may seem like a small fraction of the cost that a college education costs, it is important to remember that every dollar saved adds up in the end.

Scholarship award money can significantly lower tuition or book costs both in the present and future.

Even though students are only a few weeks into the spring semester at Highland, it’s never too early to begin thinking about this coming fall semester, and more importantly, how they will be paying for their continuing education.